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Voicemail Setup

Voicemail Setup

This help topic will assist you in setting up and configuring your DigitalPath VoIP services. If your VoIP account includes voicemail, follow the instructions below to gain access to it and configure it correctly.

Connecting to the Voicemail System

In order to work with the voicemail system, you will need to connect to its menu system via a touchtone capable phone. This can be done either remotely or from one of your voice phones.

From your Voice Phone

Pick up one of your voice phones and dial your own number. Once the call goes through, it should go straight to a voicemail prompt at which point you should press the '*' (asterisk) key to access the voicemail menu. At this point you will be prompted to enter in your PIN (default is 1234) followed by the '#' (pound) key.

From Somewhere Else

To access your voicemail from a remote location (for example, your cell phone), you simply need to dial your VoIP phone number and wait for the system to shunt you to voicemail. At this point, press '*' (asterisk) to access the voicemail menu. Enter in your PIN followed by the '#' (pound) key to enter the voicemail menu system.

Changing your PIN

1. Connect to voicemail system (see instructions above)
2. Press 0 (Mailbox options)
3. Press 5 (Change password)
4. Press * (Return to main menu)
5. Press # (Exit)

Changing your Greetings

1. Connect to voicemail system (see instructions above)
2. Press 0 (Mailbox options)
3. Press 3 (Record name)
4. Follow prompts
5. Press 2 (Record busy message)
6. Follow prompts
7. Press 1 (Record unavailable message)
8. Follow prompts
9. Press * (Return to main menu)
10. Press # (Exit)

Menu Layout

* 1 Read voicemail messages
      3 Advanced options
          1 Reply
          2 Call back
          3 Envelope
          4 Outgoing call
      4 Play previous message
      5 Repeat current message
      6 Play next message
      7 Delete/Undelete current message
      8 Forward message to another mailbox
      9 Save message in a folder
      * Help; During msg playback: Rewind
      # Exit; During msg playback: Skip forward
* 2 Change folders
* 0 Mailbox options
      1 Record your unavailable message
      2 Record your busy message
      3 Record your name
      4 Record your temporary message
      5 Change your password
      * Return to the main menu
* * Help
* # Exit