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Offline Support

Unable to get Online

If you're unable to get online, try restarting your computer. If you are connected to your DigitalPath device by a router, verify that all connections between devices are active. Additionally, ensure that all devices have power and are plugged in.

If this fails to re-establish your connection, please call tech support at (800) 676-7284

Optional Additional Steps

If possible, try checking to see if other devices in your home have internet access. If some devices still have access to the internet, then the problem might be limited to a single device, in which case we recommend checking for support on that device.

Additionally, check to see if your account is active and not suspended by logging into Suspended accounts are able to connect to in order to allow you to pay your bill.

Furthermore, if you're familiar with the steps involved, you can try the following steps as well:

  1. Release and renew your computer's IP address
  2. Clear any proxy settings
  3. Clear your DNS, or hard-set it to