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COVID-19 Response


Per Governor Newsom's March 19th, 2020 Executive Order N-33-20, DigitalPath employees are deemed "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers" in the Communications and Information Technology Sector.
Therefore, we will continue to serve our customers in as close to a "normal" capacity as possible while also implementing additional safety precautions detailed below.
Our goal is to do our part to help flatten the curve and protect employees, customers and communities while also keeping people connected to critical information updates.

Changes to Office Safety

In order to protect our employees, customers, vendors and the general public we have closed our lobby until further notice. Customers are asked to call for service or appointment before visiting us.
We have also implemented many safety precautions throughout our facilities including many employees working from home, mandatory social distancing, increased sterilization/cleaning of common surfaces and more.
To keep everybody safe, we are also sending home any employee who shows any sign of illness.

Changes to Technicians Visiting Your Home or Business

We are taking extra precautionary steps to keep both you and our employees safe. Since it is possible to be infected with the coronavirus and not exhibit any symptoms, we feel it is prudent to reduce exposure to all persons at this time. To minimize exposure for you and our installers, our installers will be maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of distance from all persons while they are at your home or business. Additionally, they will be wearing gloves and may choose to also wear a mask to further reduce exposure. We discuss health and safety with our installers every day and prohibit anyone feeling ill or exhibiting signs of illness from working around others. While in your home, installers will minimize what they touch, including refraining from touching your computer. If there are any issues with your network or computer, the installer will guide you (from a safe distance) through the necessary steps to get you online.

If there is anyone in your home that is sick or showing signs of being sick the additional steps below will apply.

1. Service Calls. We want to do everything possible to restore your service. Our installer will make every effort to restore service from outside your home. This will vary depending on your ability to isolate those sick and our installer's comfort level. It may be necessary for our installer, from a distance and possibly from outside your home, to walk you through troubleshooting steps or equipment replacement. In some cases, there may be no other option than to reschedule the service call for the installer's health and safety.

2. Installs. The installer may not be able to complete the install if there is a sick person present. We respect their preference to not expose themselves to potential health issues. If an installer does not feel comfortable entering your home upon arrival, we will either perform a partial install, discuss options of you assisting with the interior portion of the install or suggest rescheduling the installation.

Changes to Customer Data Allowances

DigitalPath Inc. is no longer throttling customers who have exceeded their data allowance during business hours on certain plans. We will continue to dynamically adjust our network as capacity allows until people are able to return to work.

If you find yourself running out of data, for tips on how to reduce your data usage.