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Your DigitalPath service includes connectivity to thousands of hotspots in Northern California with your laptop or other WiFi enabled device. Hotspot access is designed for mobile access using your laptop or phone. Hourly, daily and monthly rates are available. This does not require any special connection software and will support all laptop and PDA operating systems.

The hotspot essids (wireless network ID) are:,, or jah719. Simply connect, open a browser, and enter your username and password to login. If you do not have a username and password, you can create one with a valid credit card using the hotspot signup page.

Signal Strengths

Wi-Fi signal strength may vary by hotspot location and can be affected by many factors, including the location of wireless infrastructure, the direction of the wireless antenna, building architecture and materials, and the number of other active wireless devices in operation at the location. If you experience a weaker signal or loss of signal, you can try relocating within the immediate area to improve the signal strength.

Some hotspots may not always provide the minimum download speeds or bandwidth required for all Internet activities. Some Internet activities like watching streaming video require minimum download speeds or bandwidth. The connection speed and available bandwidth may vary between hotspots.

If you discover you have a weaker Wi-Fi signal, you may want to try to move to another location within the hotspot. A location closer to the access point and without walls or other obstructions in the line-of-sight will generally have a stronger signal.