Self Install

To install your own digital voice service, you will need the following components:

  1. (1) Voice Modem
  2. (1) Switch/Hub
  3. (1) RJ11 Cat3/5 phone cord
  4. (2) Cat5 ethernet cables for your voice modem and computer

Install the Hardware and Test

  1. If the ethernet cable running from the antenna (CPE) on your roof is
    connected directly to your computer, remove it from your computer and
    plug it directly into a port on the switch.
  2. Run an additional ethernet cable from the switch to your PC's ethernet
  3. Run an ethernet cable from the switch to the ethernet port on your
    voice modem.
  4. Plug power in for both voice modem and the switch.
  5. Wait 60 seconds or so for the voice modem to authenticate and then plug
    a phone directly into Line 1. You should be able to pick up the receiver, hear the dial tone and make/receive calls.

Your Home Network
Before (Standard Config) After (Standard Voice Config)

Connecting to the Rest of the Jacks in the House

For these steps, you'll need to gain access to your home's phone box. This is
the box commonly used by SBC or your local Telco and is usually located on the
outside of your house (normally by the electricity/gas meters).

View image below

Phone Box

  1. Remove cover from phone box.
  2. Unplug phone company line.
  3. Return cover to phone box.
  4. Now, return to where your voice modem is and run a normal Cat 3 phone
    cable from Line 1 on voice modem to jack in the wall.

You should now be able to get dial tone on all the phones in the house.