Phone Features

Here is an overview of some of the features you can make use of using your
DigitalPath VoIP system. Options include Call Forwarding, Speed Dial, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting, and other features. All Voice Over IP phone systems include unlimited long distance calling in the continental U.S.

Feature Additional Activation Deactivation Additional Instructions
Call Forwarding All Calls *72 *73

Enter activation code, wait for dial-tone then enter the number you would like to forward calls to. Activation confirmed by three short bursts of tone.

Call Forwarding When Busy *90 *91
Call Forwarding No Answer *92 *93
Speed Dial   *74  

You may store up to eight (8) long distance, local, international or emergency numbers. After entering the activation code, dial the single digit code under which the number is to be stored (2-9). Then dial the complete number to be stored as if you were dialing it. Listen for the confirmation tone of two short beeps. To use your speed dial entry, lift the receiver, wait for dial tone then enter the number of the speed dial entry followed by the pound (#) key.

Do Not Disturb   *78 *79 When enabled, your phone will ring busy or send the caller directly to voicemail (if your account is voicemail-enabled).
Call Waiting All Calls *56 *57 Lets you enable or disable call waiting.
Call Waiting Per Call *70