Customer Testimonials

I like the high-speed reliable
internet. Best service on the market as far as I'm concerned.

 Ed B., Walnut Grove, CA

 I like having local people help us
with any problems. DigitalPath is great with people like me who are computer illiterate.

 Renee C., Weed, CA

I like that you are a local company because when I call I talk to a
real person without much waiting.

 Anne J., Weed, CA

 We can watch Netflix, the kids can
play online games, and the speed is quick for a household of five.

 Deborah M., Forestville, CA

 It's so fast! No more staying up all hours of the night to download things!

 Kristine B., Vacaville, CA

The improvements you have made lately have increased speed. We
no longer have satellite TV and use DigitalPath to stream all our television
news and entertainment.

Carla G., La Porte, CA

Besides providing a great internet service, I wanted to thank you for such a
courteous and informative customer service. A true pleasure and piece of mind
to be a customer of Digital Path. I look forward to your growth and upgrades
in the future and continue enjoying a great service.

- Bill S., Penn Valley, CA

I have been with DigitalPath for a year now and am completely satisfied and sold! After being on dial up with ATT and one other broadband company I couldn’t be happier. Even in the most inclement weather with winds in excess of 60mph and driving rain and thunderstorms no problem at all.

- Pat R., Red Bluff, CA

I live a little ways out North East of Redding where no cable or dsl exist.
We have been limited to 5gigs on celluar service but not anymore. Everything
works great and is a lot faster no more fighting with family members about who
used what and when.

- Ott E. Redding, CA

We moved to a rural area of Vacaville and had 3 choices for internet.We chose digitalpath after comparing our options with neighbors. The installation was done well and very professionally. I called tech support when I hooked up a new router, and tech support couldn’t have been more responsive in getting me online.I am extremely happy with their service and professionalism.

-John K., Vacaville, CA