Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

System Requirements:

  • All Windows platforms from 98 SE and above
  • Macintosh OSX 10.1 and higher

It is possible to connect other operating systems and game consoles to a DigitalPath connection; however DigitalPath does not provide support
for these operating systems.

To check service availability at your residence or business, call 1-800-676-7284 to speak to a service representative who can run your address for potential coverage. If your address is in a serviceable area, then our representatives will work with you to schedule an appointment for one of our trained technicians to install an antenna on your building and run a cable to your computer area.

No phone line, modem or other customer-supplied equipment is required to receive DigitalPath service. The connection from our tower to your location is wireless and we provide and warranty all necessary equipment as part of your installation agreement. You may wish to install a wireless router at your location and DigitalPath equipment is fully compatible with it.